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Unlike many traditional pub games, Darts has become popular enough to be organised by large governing bodies. Since the game originated in England, it is not surprising that the most prestigious of them is the British Darts Organisation and consequently the rules from the BDO have been used as guidelines. Where there is any doubt, the rules played by the locals should always apply.

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Throwing Darts

Throwing the Dart
Generally, the dart is held between the thumb and forefinger. To aim the dart, hold it at eye level and throw the dart with a smooth action. Take a look at varying grips to see which is right for you.

The Game
1. The most well-known game in darts is 501. Each player is given a score of 501 points and the aim is to bring the score down to zero in as few visits to the oche as possible.
2.Each player throws their 3 darts, in turn, reducing their score each time by the value of their visit.
3.A player wins by throwing a dart into the double score section that will leave them exactly on zero. If the player goes past into minus points or fails to hit a double with their last dart, they go bust and must wait until their next turn to try again.


•The board is split into 20 sections that each have a number. Hitting the larger section scores the exact points value for that section of the board.

•Hitting the thin outer section doubles the score for that section.

•Hitting the even thinner inner sections trebles the score for that section.

•The centre of the board, the Bulls Eye, is split into two sections. The outer ring; known as the Outer Bull gets you 25 points if a player hits it, and the inner section… the Inner Bull gets 50 points.

•If a dart hits the outer wire the player score nothing for that throw, or if the dart doesn’t remain in the board after throwing, no score is given.